I am a teacher with multiple advanced degrees. I am taking Jenna’s 2 week Intensive course, Dealing with the Ex, and I am blown away!! I am a really tough critic when it comes to courses (I’ve taken quite a few). I am only 6 days into the course and have already gotten so much useful information. I would HIGHLY recommend this course for any step mom (whether your partner’s ex is high conflict or not).

I’m realizing that being a “Bonus Mom” is one of the hardest, most thankless jobs there is, but thanks to Jenna, for the first time in over five years, I feel better about navigating this slippery slope. Thank you Jenna for helping me finally put the boundaries I have needed in place.You have literally saved my relationship, and improved my health, you are an amazing woman and I feel blessed to have met you.

Candice Avrich

Forever thankful for discovering Stepmom Revolution and Jenna Korf. Jenna takes a hands on approach with each of her stepmom clients and truly works with all of us with the intent of helping us achieve a peaceful and positive mind and spirit. Achieving that has enabled me to be the best version of me by giving me the understandings I️ needed to navigate and handle the often difficult dynamics of a stepfamily life and a HCBM.

I️ have found that, in my short time as a member of Jenna’s group, I️ am much less agitated and bothered by the HCBM in my situation and my mind ruminates way less about the situation. For 5 years I️ desperately looked for help and read everything and anything I️ could. Once I️ found this group I️ stopped looking and now look to this group exclusively as my source for guidance and as a sounding board when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Definitely worth the reasonable monthly cost. Thank you Jenna!


It took me five years (nearly three consecutive years which have been dubbed “the dark years” for their endless miseries and failings) to seek help. I look back now and can’t believe it never occurred to me sooner to reach out; I thought we were going it alone and no one would ever understand. Finding Jenna’s Dealing with the Ex course was the start of a whole new chapter for me, my husband and my stepdaughter (and, ultimately, her mom).

Just learning right off the bat during the intensive that so much of what we were experiencing is A.) common and relatable and B.) unarguably miserable and unfair was a complete life changer. The tools and resources and insights from experience that Jenna offers are grounded and logical and most importantly, WORK.

I joined the Stepmom Revolution group several months later, and even attended her Stepmom Sanctuary retreat a few months later. I can honestly say at this point that I have found the light at the end of the tunnel. We will never experience “the dark years” ever again and I’m certain my marriage and my wonderful relationship with my stepdaughter will not only survive, but will thrive. I can’t thank Jenna and the other stepmoms enough for being such important and helpful guides through this journey!

Kate W.

Where to begin.. I was in a rut and needed support – something beyond my bi-weekly counseling appointments.. I needed something more regular where I could reach out any time. I knew I really needed to begin doing the maintenance necessary to keep my life/feelings/emotions in check! I strolled across stepmomhelp.com and perused the Facebook page for a bit. I then realized the Stepmom Revolution page existed and decided to give it a shot!

It is by FAR one of THE BEST decisions I’ve made in this new life! Jenna is extraordinary! She is extremely helpful and has a great way of delivering her messages/words to myself and the other women in our group. Jenna is very straightforward and knowledgeable! Knowing that you’re not alone in the step/blended family life is SUCH a help! I’m so thankful for Jenna and this group.

My experience has truly been life-changing in the most positive ways! Are you stuck in the “yuck” phase of stepmom life and feeling like hope is out of reach? If so, think again! Join the Stepmom Revolution! Let’s guide, support, and empower one another! We look forward to meeting you 🙂

K. F.

I found Jenna and her Two Week Intensive when I was at the lowest of my lows. I felt completely controlled by “the Ex” and legtimately felt like I was drowning. I was depressed, and didn’t know where to turn. Jenna taught (and continues to teach me) valuable lessons in dealing with someone who is high-Conflict, and she helped me gain my life back. There are not enough “thank you’s” I could give.

Cheyenne Wheeler

I stumbled upon Stepmom Revolution while I was crying alone in my room, feeling utterly helpless and infuriated. I’d read several self-help books and was already in personal counseling, but Jenna has such specific and constructive feedback for stepmoms! I learned that stepfamiles have a completely unique dynamic and I needed someone who understood that! After only a few months, I feel empowered and sane. Thank you, Jenna!


I am so grateful I found the amazing online community that Jenna has built. When my boyfriend’s ex-wife found out I existed, things got really bad. I had no idea how to deal with the situation. I joined Jenna’s Dealing with Ex Workshop which was such a game changer. First, I realized I was not alone, that there are other women in this situation. Then, Jenna guided us to better understand the situation and gave use concrete, easy to implement advice to help us deal with the situation, in a positive way that would benefit my relationship. I highly recommend it for anyone in this situation.
After that, I joined the online Stepmom Revolution, which has also been amazing. We all share our stories, judgement free, and Jenna is always there to respond immediately/give her input/ guide us through dealing with any problem, big or small. It really is an amazing community!
My boyfriend has also started using some of Jenna’s services, doing some 1-on-1 sessions. He has been very reluctant to go to therapy in person, and the therapists he did see were not great at understanding the complexity of the situation we are dealing with. Jenna’s personal experience as a stepmom and the experience she has gained through her work make her uniquely suited to help us.


I feel so fortunate to have found Jenna and the Stepmom Revolution group. For me, it’s better than any therapy I’ve ever had. I’ve been a stepmom for almost nine years, yet continuously find myself being challenged in new and different ways as my stepdaughter (now 12) gets older. Joining the Revolution group was like immediately finding a “team” of women who support and totally understand me because they are experiencing the same struggles that I do…we’re in this together, and together we are stronger. And Jenna, she is our incredible coach! If I am struggling with an issue and seeking feedback, I feel comfortable going out to the group. Even if I didn’t participate in the group as much as I do by posting comments for others or seeking feedback for myself, just seeing the issues that other stepmoms are dealing with (and realizing they are very similar to mine) makes me feel like I am not alone!

Haley D.

Dealing with the Ex Intensive: BEST money I’ve ever spent! I got my life back!”


Dealing with the Ex Intensive: These sessions and the Training have been incredibly helpful. The training builds on itself, and I find myself thinking about this stuff all of the time. Jenna, I am really impressed at how quickly you respond to all of us when we need you, and all the materials are very well put together and referenced. Thank you a million time over!


Dealing with the Ex Intensive: All the tools have been exponentially more helpful than months of therapy!


Jenna, you have truly changed my life. Thank you so much for having the courage, vision and leadership to create the Stepmom Revolution. This is truly revolutionary and I am amazed at how rapidly so many of my blocks have been lifted. I’ve been ready and struggling on my own with them for some time, and am feeling so much better now.


I followed StepmomHelp for about six months via Facebook. The battles of being a blended family, finding my place amongst two young kids, and dealing with a high conflict ex wife brought me to a breaking point. It was decision time!

My partner and I opted to find a family and marriage counselor, however; I needed someone that understood the dynamics of being a step mom! Those of us living this life know it is one filled with challenges and very little reward…..That’s when we decided to book a session with Jenna!

She listened, gave her input, redirected my focus, and really gave my partner a new perspective from a Step Mom point of view. I highly recommend Jenna and the step mom revolution group! It’s a saving grace. With Jenna’s assistance, we are restructuring our family to make it one that works for us while learning how to deal with the thorn in our side. Thank you Jenna for saving us!

Elisa and Ron

Wow, you completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I just can’t believe how intuitive you are about women! You made me normal and sane-when typically all I feel is guilt and shame. Thank you!!!


Your video reminds me how far I’ve come. I was such a hot mess before I found you, Jenna. Thank you so much for pulling me out of my negative, resentful, BM-controlled box!


Wow, something is changing and it’s sooo good! Since our last conversation things have gotten dramatically better. Every step, every week, every conversation gets better and better, Jenna! I’m finally understanding my voice and how much better it is for everyone when I speak up and let my own positive power reign over the negative stuff.

I just had to tell you. The work you do is life changing. I can’t thank you enough. Probably said it a million times and you’ll likely hear from me a million more! Thank you!


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Receiving your emails with helpful advice and encouragement has been wonderful! I can’t express to you how freeing it has been to firmly set up boundaries and how our marriage has improved because I’m not as stressed! Before I was beating my head against a wall, my blood pressure was always high, the stress even caused me to have a miscarriage. Now thankfully we’ve been able to have a beautiful baby girl of our own and even holiday’s like mother’s day are less stressful.
Thank you for helping us bring some peace into our home.


I finally feel like I have a place to vent, a place to beam about milestones and a place to reflect & ask for advice. I was considering counseling before I joined Stepmom Revolution and I realize now that I just needed someone to UNDERSTAND. Thank you all for understanding and being my Stepmom Sisters!


I just wanted to say that this first month on stepmom revolution has been great! I’ve noticed I’ve finally been able to work through some OLD trauma that I’ve had to endure over the years. My hubby never got where I was coming from when I would vent about how hard it is being a step-mom. He gets it now. Thanks for creating a safe space for healing!


I just finished the 6-week stepmom transformation program and it made a HUGE difference for me! I am a therapist/coach myself and I thought I had done everything I could but this program and Jenna helped me see things in ways I had never picked up on. I feel WAY more loving and connected to my partner and his son (my stepson) and have so many practical strategies in place to prevent me from falling into stepmonster mode (no good for anyone)! I’m hoping to continue working with her and potentially do her certification program. I can’t recommend her enough, if you’re looking at this you deserve the support and changes to feel good and happy in your life and Jenna’s got some super helpful tricks to help you get there!


I simply just wanted to say THANKYOU.
Your blog came in the nick of time, to help me see that my partner and his kids are worth it and that I AM NORMAL!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you


Jenna has truly been my saving grace. I don’t do well with failure or needing to ask for help, so I put off working with Jenna for a long time. Once I decided to become a coach myself, the sessions with Jenna truly changed my life.

I could relate to Jenna’s own story more than I would have hoped, but knowing I was working with someone who had been in very similar situations and had similar feelings helped me feel that this stepmom thing was manageable!

With her seemingly simple but truly powerful suggestions, I have been able to find my own peace again. My husband and I are happier, and I have been able to better define my role in my stepson’s life.

Jenna’s services are worth every penny! I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Jenna. Even as a coach myself, I know that if things ever get extremely difficult again, I will speak to Jenna! I haven’t found anyone who has the practical yet truly positive spin on working with stepmoms as Jenna! She has been a gift to my family in so many ways.


Working with Jenna was the only positive self-help thing I have done for myself as a stepmom. Everything else, from talking to anyone who would listen to reading step-mothering books to trying to work out the issues on my own, failed and made me feel miserable in the process. I kept wondering where the strong me had gone and I wondered how I would make it “happily ever after” with my husband. And then I stumbled upon Jenna’s website, read what she offered, and signed up to work with her as quickly as I could. And I’m so grateful to myself that I gave myself that gift.

Jenna helped me realize that I wasn’t being selfish or mean. On the contrary, she helped me realize that every single emotion I was experiencing was totally normal and helped me find a healthy way to deal with those emotions. And that wasn’t easy for either of us. My inner voice can be so negative sometimes, so it was nothing short of a miracle that Jenna could help me and even make me laugh during the process.

Step mothering is NOT for the faint of heart, but it doesn’t have to be the gray cloud above your head that I was letting it be. From one stepmother to another, trust me that if Jenna could help me, she can surely help you!


Jenna is a life saver! Not only do I love her books and articles, but my one-on-one sessions really helped me turn my situation around. She taught me how to exist in my stepmom situation, we all know each stepmom has a unique set of circumstances. She helped me to let go of what I didn’t have control over (e.g. the ex) and create happiness and peace in my home.

My husband and I worked through all of the modules together, and our marriage is stronger for it. I would encourage any stepmom to take the Stepmom Transformation program. It was the best investment in my marriage to date, worth every penny and more!

Thank you, Jenna!


Jenna absolutely changed my life and my marriage. Our session helped me understand how to set boundaries, create a stronger relationship with my husband, and how to take back my house and control of my family.

I felt like a huge weight was lifted after speaking to her. She is smart, funny, non-judgmental and she gets it. She is one of us. I would highly recommend her coaching. I am forever grateful for her help.

Thanks Jenna!


Jenna’s articles and one-on-one coaching have been a saving grace. I read her articles to my partner because we both feel supported by her insights. We both feel relieved and ready to move forward again. Talking to Jenna is even better! I feel reassured and capable of navigating these complex dynamics with her support and tools. She’s awesome.


I would absolutely recommend Jenna’s step mom coaching to anyone.

I have been going to a therapist for nearly 2 years for co-parenting issues. In just the short time I have spent communicating with Jenna, I truly feel I have gained much more knowledge regarding steps I can take to help me move forward.

She is amazing, and bc of my session today I will be continuing work with Jenna when needed, instead of my therapy sessions that I feel still have me at square one.

Thank you so much Jenna for opening my eyes!


Jenna gave me some advice when I was close to leaving my husband. She said to think about anything but my husbands ex. The road has been rough but, putting her out of our minds and focusing on the future when our financial bind with her ends as well as creating new memories for our child together has helped in ways I can’t explain. Their children are living their own lives. They are able to have a relationship with us without her interference. She has become a non- factor in our ability to have peace and happiness.


Jenna is amazing and her feedback is smart and savvy. I am impressed with the coaching I have had and it’s helped so much. Thanks, Jenna!


I did Jenna’s Stepmom Transformation program with my husband. He and I did every assignment together. They were so helpful that we filed them away because he wants to do them yearly. I have a therapist who is good with blended families, too, but i still got a lot from working with Jenna.


I gained a lot of tools in the Stepmom Transformation program that I can pick up and use when my step family situation challenges me, that would otherwise be extremely difficult to get through on my own. The tools were introduced to me throughout various thoughtful and insightful exersices I was given over the course of 6 weeks. In working with Jenna I felt safe to express the good, the bad and the ugly. Working with Jenna also gave me the boost of confidence I needed to see me through all of these challenges; she is super understanding and knowledgable about this extremely sensitive topic. I really felt guided to a better & happier me. I would recommend the program to stepmoms because it is life changing in a positive, helpful and practical way.


“I became a stepmom 11 years ago and until I found Jenna, I had no idea that stepmoms needed or deserved support. I can’t imagine how different my journey would have been if I’d have Jenna’s compassion and direction in the beginning! Regardless, even now, in the few short months of working with her my life and perspective has changed. It wasn’t easy letting go of those guilt inducing grooves, disengaging from bio mom and building better communication with my husband but the pay off has been amazing.

Since Jenna is not only a stepmom but a stepchild herself, she offers a unique perspective from both sides of the equation. She helped me appreciate many small things I’ve been doing with my stepson for years that I didn’t really think mattered. She helped me open my eyes to my stepson’s perspective and my husband’s perspective – both invaluable to me. She listened when I wanted to be the “proud parent” and brag about good times with my stepson. Or when a rough moment really had me in a mess with no one to talk to. I’d never had anyone be there who really understood how powerful or upsetting these moments were in my life. Many times I found myself in tears over her compassion and gentle ways of drawing out the story and deeper issues.

I can’t thank Jenna enough for our time together and I know I will use her modules over and over. I have already recommended her to others! If you’re a stepmom, do yourself a favor and talk to Jenna. Your family and your future will thank you for it!”


This saved my relationship, Jenna!! It is important for every stepparent to have an outlet and a resource of people who actually get it. My friends don’t get it, and when I talk to them, I leave feeling like an awful and selfish person. This group has taught me that I matter too… I have learned to step back from what I cannot control, and identify what I can (and should) have input on. My work has positively impacted my relationship with my partner. We have never been stronger…


I called upon Jenna because I was on the verge of walking away from my marriage. Jenna, after only one conversation, opened my eyes to see my situation in not only a different light but she also showed me how I could gain control of the situation and gain back some of the self respect I managed to lose over the years.

By taking heed to her advice, I am now in the driver’s seat with my relationships with my husband and his 2 daughters and am happy to say I believe my marriage is better for it.

Thank you Jenna, I am a much happier person because of your advice and guidance.


When I first started with Jenna my perception of my life was not good. After only a couple of months there was a complete transformation. Both in my perception of my life and of some conscious changes that I had made. Jenna helped me reframe what I was thinking about my relationship and what I wanted in a partner.She helped me gain clarity about whether I wanted to be a father again. Jenna also helped me follow through on actions that I been avoiding. She gave me an accountability process to follow and she was so supportive, both in the one-on-one sessions and via email when I reported my successes and my failures. Do yourself a favor and work with this understanding and compassionate coach and you will be so grateful that you did.

John B.

I recently finished Jenna’s Step Mom Transformation program and can honestly say it has made a huge difference in my life. I feel more like myself again! I feel more confident in my roll as a step mom and like my place in the family is secure and important. Money well spent!!! It’s easy to feel somewhat hopeless and trapped when the behavior of others is having a negative effect on your life, and I didn’t initially think that my experience would improve unless some of those negative factors went away or were resolved, but Jenna truly helps you reclaim your personal power and it’s an incredible alchemy that takes place when you do that. Although the people around you may not have actually changed much, your experience in the situation is so dramatically different, that its just as just as good as if they had magically poof and disappeared or improved. Invest in your long-term well being and sign up for her course, you will be so glad you did!

Summer Nelson