Join the Dads Group

Dads are the men caught in the middle, and I understand your challenges, frustrations and the desire you have for your partner to be happy and your family to run smoothly.

The stepfamily by its very nature is complicated, with a high divorce rate of 60-75%.

The goal of this group is to help dads win at this – to have a happy relationship while feeling good about their ability to parent their children.

This is a private & confidential Facebook group for dads (and stepdads!) who are re-partnered. You can participate as often or as infrequently as you like. 

Stepdads are welcome too! 

The group includes:

  • A platform where you can commiserate with other dads, discuss the common problems you face and help each other find solutions.
  • Receive expert guidance and proven strategies and tools from me on a variety of topics, such as dealing with a difficult ex, improving your relationship, parenting challenges, court stressors, etc…  (You can find my education and experience here (scroll to the bottom of the page)). I spend a substantial amount of time in the group coaching and advising you at your request. 
  • Weekly Live Facebook Q&A where you can ask me questions in real time. Periodically my husband will do the Live Q&A, so you can hear from another divorced dad who’s been through it all. 

Many of the dads I’ve worked with have said they’ve been pleasantly surprised to find I was not biased to stepmoms and was able to give them positive support, encouragement and practical solutions.

**You can find my other services for dads here.


  • What happens in the group, stays in the group. This means if your partner is a client of mine or is in my Stepmom Revolution group, nothing you share in the group will get back to her.
  • Your invite to the group has to be sent to the email associated with your Facebook account, so if that’s different than your Paypal email, contact me beforehand to let me know where the invite should be sent.

Your investment in the Dads group is just $9.99 per month, and you can cancel at any time.  Click the Buy Now button below to join.