The Stepmom Survival Kit


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The Stepmom Survival Kit is the ultimate framework to help you begin to have the stepmom life you really want!

The kit contains 10 documents and is divided into five modules. Each module consists of 2 documents. One document with information, tools and strategies and a second document that’s a workbook containing journal questions and written exercises to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and the content you just learned, and to practice the tools contained in that module.

These are the exact strategies and tools I use with clients in the Stepmom Transformation program, and you can keep using them and referring back to them throughout your stepmom journey.

The main areas the Stepmom Survival kit addresses are:

  • clarifying your role
  • setting good boundaries
  • dealing with difficult stepfamily dynamics
  • improving your relationship with your partner and getting your needs met
  • learning how be a happier stepmom

“I am a therapist/coach myself and I thought I had done everything I could but this program and Jenna helped me see things in ways I had never picked up on.” – N.S. Read more testimonials here


Note: Do not purchase this program if you have already completed the Stepmom Transformation Program. Contact me to discuss how else I can support you on your stepmom journey.

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