Stepmom Revolution!

The next Stepmom retreat is happening on March 9th. Find out more here!

Welcome to the Stepmom Revolution!

You’ve found your tribe. We are a community of stepmoms (women married to, living with or dating a man/woman with kids) committed to having the best stepmom experience we can.

Thank you, Jenna, for creating this group and bringing us together. It means everything to connect with other ladies that get it because so many people cannot relate to this. – A.G.

This group is more than just a place for us to come together and share our journeys, although that is a fun part of it, this group is designed to be an ongoing coaching program to lead, inspire and support you through your unique journeys.

I’m bringing the exact strategies and learnings I have from working with hundreds of stepmoms from all over the world, to you in a really affordable and accessible way. You can sign up here!

Every week I focus on a key training and you will get the chance to implement that training and see the results as a community.

You will get the exact strategies, including language techniques, to approach very specific situations, that you can use straight away to make the positive changes that you want in your family life.

All the trainings remain in the group so you can scroll back at any time and go over the content, it’s yours to keep.

I just wanted to say that this first month on stepmom revolution has been great! I’ve noticed I’ve finally been able to work through some OLD trauma that I’ve had to endure over the years. My hubby never got where I was coming from when I would vent about how hard it is being a step-mom. He gets it now. Thanks for creating a safe space for healing! – Anonymous¬†

It’s also a fun place where we share the good stuff too. I’m your biggest cheerleader so there will be some fun challenges and ways for us to connect!

I have joined other stepmom/second wife groups in the past. While they helped me to feel not so alone in my stepmom feelings, I felt they were full of negativity and bashing. I am so excited to finally be a part of a group that will have a positive impact on my life. – M.M.

I made this a secret Facebook group that is invitation only so only the members inside can see each other. Even if someone were to send the link to someone, the page would come up as “not found.” The only people who can ever see that the group even exists are those who have been invited by me. I want you to know you are safe to express yourself here and can build trust within the community.

I called this group Stepmom Revolution because I know there are ways to have the stepmom experience you want and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I am just so happy that in the short time that I’ve been apart of this group I have been able to use some of the tips given and it seems to be paying off. – D.E. Read more testimonials here

Your membership is just $9.99 per month (that’s only 33 cents per day!).

Note: you do not need a Paypal account to register. You can use your credit card via the Paypal website.

Once you register, I’ll add you to the group using the email associated with your Paypal (or credit card) account. If your Facebook account is associated with a different email address, contact me beforehand to let me know. No “fake” Facebook profiles allowed. In order to build trust in the community, we need to see you! ūüôā¬†I’m looking forward to working with you!

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Not sure this group is for you? Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.