For Divorced Dads

At the urging of the partners of my stepmom clients, I’ve recently expanded my coaching practice to include them – the divorced/separated dad.

Research shows that stepmoms have the most difficult role in the stepfamily to navigate, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park for the dads.

Dads are the men caught in the middle, and I understand your challenges, frustrations and the desire you have for your partner to be happy and for your family to “just” run smoothly.

Common problems dads face include:

  • Feeling like someone is always mad at you – either your kids, your partner or your ex
  • Fear about losing access to your kids
  • How to parent the way you see fit, when your partner disagrees with it
  • Trying to manage the relationship with your ex, while also trying to protect your partner
  • Making time for everyone – the kids, your partner and yourself
  • Dealing with a difficult/high-conflict ex
  • Financial stressors

In our 60-minute coaching session, we’ll talk about the unique problems you’re facing and we’ll find practical solutions and strategies to fix them.

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